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Apart from treating your clients, we can help with everything from bringing you new leads to processing their payment.

  • Have leads brought to you via our own marketing and promotion
  • Calendar scheduling
  • Text message reminders to your clients
  • HIPPA compliant SOAP notes to track your clients progress
  • Secure payment processing

Make your job easier by giving us the responsibility

Work when you want, and have control over your financial outcome.

  • Treatment and training plan development
  • Set your own availability
  • Promote your own pricing
  • Practice on your terms
  • Be your own boss
  • Keep 100% profit (processing fees do apply)
  • Exclusive provider networking

Automated processing

Every part of the health care process has been automated or expedited.

  • Provider referrals
  • Two-way messaging with your clients
  • Video chat and conferencing
  • License and insurance renewal reminders
  • Client retention through encouraged follow-ups and treatment plans via reminders
  • Track your analytics
  • Two exclusive provider invitations (with a discount)

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Frequently Asked Questions

The application process involves three steps: 1) basic information, 2) professional verification, and 3) completion. The process can occur as quickly as you provide the necessary and appropriate documentation to the Chiry team. Once our team has all the information, we can verify you as a Chiry Health Professional, activate your account, and you can get started!
Yes, we are a subscription based platform and not commission based, which allows you to keep your hard earned money.
Once you are verified and can log into the app, Chiry will prompt you through several steps to set up your provider account. You will connect your bank account or card in order to have the ability to transfer your earned funds to your bank account. You are able to earn the full amount of your services minus our processing fee.
All Chiry Health Professionals are required to have active licenses and/or certifications, along with proper general liability and professional/malpractice insurance coverage, for the services they are providing to their clients.
The best thing about Chiry is that you have the ability to build your clientele and keep your clientele. The users are able to select the category of health professional, and search for professionals via experience, reviews, and specialties. Users also have the option of booking an immediate appointment which pairs them with the right professional at their desired time and location.
As a Chiry Health Professional you are not considered an independent contractor, which means you will file your taxes as an independent business entity.
First you will provide us with your basic information. Then during the verification process, in order for us to verify you as a Chiry Health Professional, we will need to process a background check (on us), receive proper insurance information, and necessary license(s) and/or certificate(s).
Your subscription starts once you're fully verified as a Chiry Health Professional and your account is activated. Check with your success manager, as you may be eligible for a free trial period.
For the health professional application, click here. For the user application, click here. Note: you will not be able to login prior to being verified as a Chiry Health Professional.
Yes! Chiry is an invite friendly community that allows Chiry Health Professionals to invite up to two colleagues to join. Your profile picture will be displayed on their profile which will be seen by clients and other health professionals. There is no limit on the number of clients you are allowed to invite.
The Chiry platform understands communication is an important component of providing quality services, therefore once a client books an appointment it will open the two-way messaging feature. This is where you may reach out to the client before or after your session, and they may reach out to you.